Window Sticker Report for VIN WB10L3307P6H06474


2023 BMW R 18

It's a K35 Series


Standard Specifications


  • Body Maker: Bmw
  • Model: R 18
  • Model year: 2023
  • Series: K35
  • Vehicle type: Motorcycle
  • Body class: Motorcycle - Street
  • Manufacturer name: Bmw Ag Motorcycles

Engine information

  • Cylinder information:
    Number of cylinders: 2
  • Power:
    Kilowatts: 67.8587
    Brake horsepower: 91
  • Displacement:
    cc: 1802
    Litre: 1.802000
    ci: 109.964786858
  • Fuel type:
    Primary: Gasoline

Vehicle details

  • weight_information:
    Gross vehicle weight rating from: Class 1A: 3,000 lb or less (1,360 kg or less)
  • Body type:
    NCSA Body type: Two Wheel Motorcycle (excluding motor scooters)
  • Make and model:
    NCSA make: BMW
    NCSA model: 750cc and over

Manufacturing information

  • Plant details:
    City: Berlin
    Country: Germany

Fuel Type

  • Plant Country Germany
  • Plant City Berlin

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